Bob Lazier Passes Away from COVID-19

The novel coronavirus is causing for notable athletes and celebrities across North America to pass away. The latest deceased individual is Bob Lazier, who previous raced Indy Cars decades ago. Lazier was eighty-one years of age when contracting the novel coronavirus. It took less than one month for the virus to overwhelm Bob’s immune system. News outlets everywhere, including our own, expressed their condolences towards the Lazier family in their time of need.

Bob Lazier is a historic racing driver from the 1980s to 90s. Notable victories throughout his career include winning the Indianapolis 500 twice, with his 1st championship title following in his first season. It prompted Bob Lazier to acquire “Rookie of the Year” in 1981. Nobody would’ve anticipated that this formidable driver would succumb to the novel coronavirus, experiencing his final breaths through a ventilator mask.

Friends close with the Lazier family have publicly expressed their sadness over this unexpected loss. His former employer, Chip Ganassi, mentioned that this devasting news came months after the two of them enjoyed a skiing trip together. That period showed Ganassi that his ageing friend has plenty of life remaining at 81, not expecting he’d be lost to an unprecedented virus by April 2020.

The History of Lazier

Bob Lazier was born & raised throughout the Minneapolis region. He’d eventually leave home and move towards Colorado for career purposes. Lazier maintained a building contract in the city of Vail, which numbered multiple properties that supported local racing. It prompted Bob Lazier to join the “Sports Car Club of America”, which enabled him to compete in the Super Vee and Mini Indy Racing Series. He maintained continued podium placements throughout 1977-79 before leaving for professional Indy racing.

He’d join the Indy Racing by 1981, competing for Bob Fletcher’s team. The first race experienced by Bob Lazier before winning the Indianapolis 500 was experienced at the Daytona Speedway. He’d qualify in 13th place and place 19th after the race had concluded. Over a short period, skillsets from Mini Indy and Super Vee would transfer over. Bob would inevitably become a dominant force and win multiple 1st place podiums.