CDC Provides Timeline for Suspended Sports

New advisories have been implemented by the United States Centre of Disease Control & Prevention. March 15th saw the recommendation that all events with 50+ individuals should be terminated or postponed throughout the next eight weeks. Most sporting outfits will abide by these recommendations, indicating that under this advisory, these associations would see regular playtime until May 15th or later. This follows rumours that timelines would increase towards the Mid-May to Early-June period. It should be mentioned that Major League Soccer, the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League have all suspended their respective seasons for various periods.

Executives and Owners with the National Basketball Association spoke with reporters through ESPN. There being realistic in the standard estimations for the season’s revival, with their best-case scenario indicating that the emergence of professional basketball won’t be seen until Mid June. Attending fans also won’t be supported during the initial re-launch, with their medical experts supporting that attendees won’t be allowed to live venues until August. This timeline will disrupt countless sporting associations, prompting billions to be lost for each respective league. Original schedules hoped for a 30-Day Delay, which will now be increased to upwards of five months.

Athletes at Jeopardy

Sporting associations have implemented these strategic postponements for the benefit of public safety while ensuring that their respective players are protected. This is because Covid-19 can be processed through Droplet Transmission, which can extend towards couching and sneezing. Pools of sweat being absorbed by opposing athletes can also cause the potential contraction of this virus. For these particular reasons, Athletes have supported the concept of terminating mass gatherings. Sporting events are the weekly venues that support these mass gatherings, which is why they were the first to be cancelled.

The Forty-Nine States throughout America have experienced cases of the Coronavirus. Their officially confirmed numbers have exceeded 3400, with two territories owned by the United States also being infected. It’s been recorded that sixty-two citizens throughout America have passed away from the novel Coronavirus. These numbers of infected and dead could be incorrect, with testing kits limited to multiple nations worldwide. Athletes globally don’t want to risk their safety with the limited supplies available worldwide.