Craig Dawson Signed to West Ham United

The Premier League saw a shocking acquisition & transition of a notable defender. West Ham United announced that they’d signed Craig Dawson on a loan-established contract. He’ll compete with the football club during the remainder of 2020-21. It’s a welcomed contract acquisition for West Ham United’s Head Coach, David Moyes. He’d worked diligently towards obtaining Craig Dawson on October 5th. It’s taken eight additional days for Head Coach Moyes to acquire his desired defender.

West Ham United struggled to contract a multitude of their desired footballers, with James Tarkowski from Burnley FC & Fikayo Tomori from Chelsea refusing WHUs offer. Receiving Craig Dawson makes-up for the denial of these two footballers, with Dawson having spent nine seasons with West Brom FC.

Craig Dawson’s contention for the Premier League began after making twenty-nine official appearances for Watford FC. Unfortunately, Watford was removed from the Premier League & demoted to the English Football League. It meant the free-agent status of Craig Dawson for Premier League coaching staff. West Ham United has regularly praised his defending skillsets & this prompted Dawson to wear the burgundy jersey of West Ham United.

Moyes & Dawson React

Head Coach David Moyes issued an official statement to SkySports. He remarked that it’s not any secret that throughout the 2019-20 Premier League season, West Ham coaching staff were looking to realign defensive positions for longer-term contracts. Moyes emphasised that bringing Craig Dawson on a loan-established contract will benefit their 2020-21 season and that there’s hope to sign the defender for additional seasons under a standard contract negotiation.

Craig Dawson was also questioned on his excitement to compete with West Ham United. The defender evoked that he’ll learn from his experiences with David Moyes & all the footballers at West Ham. Dawson mentioned that during this period in his career, its time to find a club that’ll force increased skillsets & make him a better defender of Premier League status. Starting that venture with the West Ham United is the correct selection for Craig Dawson. However, there are likely limitations in how far his Premier League contention can sustain. Craig Dawson could resume his EFL status in the 2021-22 season if West Ham United doesn’t offer another contract. Supporters of Dawson hope he’ll perform beyond expectations.