Everton FC Signs Centre-Back Ben Godfrey

Carlo Ancelotti, the Everton FC Manager, announced that his football club is remodelling the midfield division with a new signing. Carlo Ancelotti confirmed after weeks of rumours that Ben Godfrey from Norwich FC is arriving at Everton FC for the 2021 Premier League Campaign. It’ll cost €25 Million to acquire Ben Godfrey for three years. It marks one of the more prominent contract payouts that Everton FC has made in recent years. However, what’s returned could the football club into championship contention.

Ben Godfrey is aged 22 and was previously employed by Norwich FC. His employment with Norwich came after becoming the top prospect in England’s Under-21 Division. Godfrey stood as the team captain, guarantying that a Premier League team would acquire him. Nobody anticipated that Norwich FC would be his selected outfit & that they’d part ways after one year. However, Ben Godfrey arriving at Everton FC gives the young footballer an admirable opportunity to display his skillsets on a prominent stage. Depending on what Godfrey accomplished when under the Everton FC banner, his next team could be Manchester United or Liverpool FC.

No Backup

There’s an unfortunate reality associated to Ben Godfrey joining Everton FC, and that’s the likely chance he’ll not often compete during the 2021 Premier League Campaign. It’s because Manager Carlo Ancelotti has to uphold midfield contracts with Mason Holgate, Yerry Mina, Jarrad Brathwaite, and Michael Keene. It appears that desperation for Everton FC to rid themselves of these footballers is growing, with Carlo Ancelotti not hesitating to elect Ben Godfrey as a midfield replacement. Expect tension between the reserves & their predecessors. Regardless, it’s unknown when Ben Godfrey will first compete under the Everton FC banner.

It should be clarified that Everton FC has spent the “Premier League Transfer Window” revising their midfield sector, with that group showing minimal improvement. In recent matches, players like Mason Holgate & Jarrad Brathwaite have failed to adhere to their minimal improvement. It means their skillsets are starting to worsen at older ages. Everton FC is prominent throughout the Premier League and cannot risk losing their high standings for footballers that refuse to improvement commitments.