La Liga 2020-21 Season Begins with a Draw

Spanish & European supporters of professional footballer were disappointed to witness the opening round of La Liga’s 2020-21 Campaign enter a draw. This draw came after the notable drama surrounding Eibar FC and Celtic Virgo, who hosted the opening game for La Liga. Their match was forgotten quickly by the drama surrounding Lionel Messi, recognized his hopes to enter the Premier League. Retaliation was the response from Barcelona FC, who refused Lionel Messi to locate a team like Manchester United from paying out his “Early Transfer Clause”.

Barcelona FC Coaching Staff decides to allow their footballers to leave contractual obligations earlier than anticipated. The legendary status of Lionel Messi is known worldwide, and Barcelona FC would lose millions in sponsorship if their star athlete left the club. It’s something that the owners of Barcelona FC actively work to avoid.

Barcelona FC wouldn’t reveal that Lionel Messi is remaining as their Captain until September 12th. Their confirmation came 24-Hours before the opening round of La Liga with Eibar FC & Celtic Virgo. Barcelona FC evoked that Lionel Messi is committed towards his La Liga return, which goes directly against his official comment’s weeks earlier.

It should be mentioned that in early September, Lionel Messi confirmed that the La Liga Board of Executives forced his stay in the football league. It didn’t deter Messi from leading his fellow footballers as Captain, which was evident upon his return to practice. He’d arrive earlier than any other player.

Barcelona FCs Return

Supporters of Lionel Messi can see their favourite footballer return on September 27th. That’s when Barcelona FC will compete against Villarreal, with their postponement to start permitted after COVID-19 complications caused team training to be unsuitable. Additional competitors slated for Barcelona between September to November include Celta Vigo, Sevilla, Getafe FC, Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid. There’ll be multiple other opponents along the way towards championship contention.

It doesn’t matter when Barcelona FC returns to official play. Supporters of the football club are still disappointed over the reality that COVID-19 isn’t allowing for fans in the stands. However, there’ll always be enjoyment & excitement in watching the games from home.