Lando Norris Takes P5 at Styrian Grand Prix

July 5th to 12th proven the most eventful week in Lando Norris’s career in Formula One to date. This follows after obtaining his first Grand Prix Podium finish, obtaining P3 over notable competitors like Max Verstappen & Sebastian Vettel. Five days after acquiring his podium victory, Practice One for the Styrian Grand Prix began. Lando conversed significant chest pains to the team radio, making it overbearing to handle his MCL35. McLaren Racing informed Lando to dock his vehicle on the grass & attend medical aid immediately.

Compliance proved beneficial for Lando Norris, with those chest pains suspected to have resulted from the sustained G-Forces felt through a Formula One car. Lando Norris received luck for a 2nd back-to-back race, obtaining P5 at the Styrian Grand Prix. This was accomplished throughout the final two laps, where the rising British superstar rose by three positions. Lando Norris defined this race as his best to date in Formula One.

When questioned by F1 Media Personnel after the Styrian Grand Prix, he remarked that this was probably his best pace since joining McLaren Racing in 2019. Lando indicated that his skillsets weren’t strong last year, which is something he worked diligently on during the extended break. Seeing the fruits of his labour of the previous two weekends has thrilled Lando Norris. His goal continues to be improving the MCL35 during the upcoming eight races on the 2020 calendar. Accomplishing this task will see Lando Norris maintain his 3rd Drivers Championship Position or higher, which hasn’t been managed by a McLaren Driver since the era of Lewis Hamilton.

How did it happen?

Lando Norris began the Styrian Grand Prix in 9th Position, which would’ve been three places higher without an FIA Grid Penalty. Then Norris was subjected to pitting during the 39th lap, forcing an intense battle with midfield rivals. All competed on medium or soft types, but Lando couldn’t find the grip required to overtake past 9th Position. That was until the 2nd final lap, where Norris quickly garnered speed & caught up with Daniel Ricciardo from Renault.

Above Ricciardo was Lance Stroll from Racing Point, who pushed the Renault driver wide on the 3rd turn of the “Red Bull Ring, Austria”. This allowed Lando Norris to overtake both Ricciardo and Stroll on the 4th corner. His final pass was benefited by Sergio Perez from Racing Point acquiring damage on the last lap. It became impossible for him to maintain notable speed, being quickly overtaken by the MCL35. This event gave Lando Norris his P5 Finish at the Styrian Grand Prix and continued holding of 3rd Position in the F1 Drivers Championship.