Lewis Hamilton Verbally Criticizes F1 Grid for 3rd Time.

The Six-Time Formula One Champion, Lewis Hamilton, has somewhat made himself an enemy within a small community. This follows after the British Racecar Driver made the Black Lives Matter Movement his own, demands that F1 honour his people by doing more to assist with eliminating racism. It saw the majority of Formula One Drivers kneeling during the Austrian Grand Prix, with four remaining to stand for political reasoning back home. This included individuals like Daniil Kvyat and Charles Leclerc.

After the Styrian & Hungaroring Grand Prix’s didn’t show any recognition towards the Black Lives Matter Movement, Lewis Hamilton has vowed that he’ll initiate discussions with F1 CEO Chase Carey & President of the FIA Jean Todt. Hamilton expressed his frustration towards fellow drivers now wanting to see the importance behind discrimination & racism, noting that Formula One has maintained a disorganized response to racists in their community.

Lewis Hamilton didn’t hesitate to indicate that Romain Grosjean isn’t willing to do enough as the Grand Prix Driver’s Association Director. Hamilton suggested that Grosjean doesn’t feel more is required & that the kneeling efforts seen as Austria was enough, which was emphasized by Romain to Hamilton during a minor discussion at the Styrian Grand Prix. It prompted the Mercedes AMG-Petronas Driver to contact Sebastian Vettel, another Director in the GPDA. Vettel stressed evident support behind the movement & made remarks that showed Lewis that Sebastian understands the importance behind this movement.

The Six-Time F1 Champion hopes that with the assistance of Vettel (A Four-Time F1 Champion & GPDA Director), can convince Chase Carey and Jean Todt that more must be done. Hamilton did clarify that pressure throughout the last fourteen days has been insane for all F1 Teams, creating challenges that are hard to overcome & must be given immediate attention.

Don’t Make Enemies

Lewis Hamilton clarified that F1 Chief Executive Officer would receive an email from him by July 19th. The Six-Time Champion somewhat publicly demanded that his CEO respond, showing how Hamilton could potentially be creating enemies & irreversible situations. Drivers often making demands for personal reasons are disregarded by their teams, which has somewhat become evident with favouritism switching slightly over to Valtteri Bottas.