Lionel Messi Wants out of Barcelona

The Barcelona Football Club is making enemies with their star athlete, Lionel Messi. It comes after Messi mentioned desires of leaving the football club for UK’s Premier League. Lionel presumed that the transfer clause issued into his contract was still viable after seasonal matches in La Liga were postponed amid COVID-19. Barcelona FC & La Liga have confirmed today that they won’t be honouring the transfer clause for Lionel Messi, evoking that his player contract didn’t account for a pandemic scenario.

Lionel Messi earlier this week informed Barcelona FC that he’d be leaving the football club, exercising the transfer clause. This clause has been available for every season that Messi has competed with Barcelona FC, a team where his legacy was increased tenfold. Changes in club leadership have altered Lionel Messi’s views on the organization, prompting him to look for other employers. Barcelona FC hasn’t appropriately reacted to Messi’s revelation, contacting their team of lawyers, and announcing that Lionel’s deadline date to exercise his transfer clause has passed. Lionel Messi’s lawyers responded & demanded that if La Liga’s 2020 Season was postponed, seasonal contracts were delayed in their deadline dates.

Barcelona FC requested the aid of La Liga Corporate over concerns of Lionel Messi’s team of lawyers. What followed what executives in La Liga confirming that they’ll standby Barcelona FC, which means that any football club in the Premier League wanting to acquire Lionel Messi will have to payout €700 million. It’d mark the largest payout for the acquisition of a football legend.

The Fight Continues

Lionel Messi didn’t stop fighting against Barcelona FC & La Liga Corporate after learning they wouldn’t honour the transfer clause. Messi sent a video message to the club that informed them his presence at their upcoming coronavirus testing session wouldn’t be seen. It prompted Messi’s termination from the next two back-to-back games, an obvious ploy to work around La Liga COVID-19 Restrictions and use them to his financial benefit. It’s now a standoff on which party is willing to back down first, and knowing Barcelona FC, they’ll cave to supporters desiring the short return of Lionel Messi.