Manchester United Finds Themselves in Vacuum of Negativity

The body language of a football team tells you a lot about their emotional status. By watching the first five minutes of the Everton vs Manchester United match, anyone could tell what the performance would be during the game.

One thing Manchester United is not short of great talent, although it was clear from the start that the players showed no heart or desire to win. Not in the embarrassing game on Sunday that ended in a 4-0 defeat that is.

Marcus Rashford’s Attitude Not Great During the Game

When experts review the game, they say everyone is to blame, that includes even Marcus Rashford. Even when he has the best attitude of all the players in the club, yet he also got sucked in by the negativity vacuum.

Half-Hearted Display by Manchester United

The half-hearted display from the team is what most expects to see at the end of the season from a team that did not succeed. Although, in last week’s match it was visible from the start of the game. Several fans felt that the top players simply did not care, not all but enough to make supporters wonder if they’re planning on moving. The attitudes were that of players not caring as they won’t be part of the team for much longer.

Unlikely for Manchester United to Finish in Top Four

The hardest thing for die-hard Manchester United fans is that they are unlikely to finish in the top four positions. Some wonder if they’ll make it to the Europa League! One of the news articles even stated that they feel players headed straight to their phones after the game. Calling their agents to ask them to get them transferred as they would like to participate in the Champions League.

Everton Had A Brilliant Game

Many United fans blame Solskjaer and the coaching staff that could not change the team’s spirit during half-time. The only two changes made were Ashley Young and Scott McTominay. The changes simply did not work in increasing the tempo or getting the players to respond in a positive way.

At the same time, Everton had a brilliant game and deserved to win. From Man United there were basically no tackling, no-one seemed angry and the midfield had no bite. They were simply being out-run by a major distance. Everton covered over 8km more in the 95 minutes of play, which is a major difference. In the end, Everton only had to go through the motions. Manchester United might have needed a reality check and should they question their attitudes, things could still change.
Solskjaer has a major task ahead of him as he needs to tackle the underlying squad problems first. Even if the team wins it might not indicate good things to come, not while their hearts are not in the game. They owe it to their life-long fans to get back into the game.