Messi Urged to Remain at Barcelona FC

La Liga’s highest-ranking officials have begun urging Lionel Messi to remain with Barcelona FC. This follows after the European Superstar expressed his interest & desire of leaving Barcelona, which has maintained his La Liga contract for fifteen years. His announcement tarnished his reputation amongst Barcelona FC supporters, who have shown unwavering faith & love towards Lionel Messi.

The President of La Liga believes that Messi leaving Barcelona FC would damage his reputation beyond repair. Javier Tebas would reveal that Messi has expressed disinterest with Barcelona for months, mentioning his initial desire to get contracted elsewhere during the summer at Camp Nou. The La Liga President making this announcement places pressure onto Lionel Messi, who has seen his reputation damaged again with Javier’s revelation.

Disillusions associated to the Catalunya Region & its respective beauty has made Lionel Messi believe changes are required for himself. Messi wants to depart La Liga & enter the UEFA Champions League. It comes after Barcelona FC struggled throughout their 2019-20 season, which isn’t any fault to coaching personnel or additional players. The coronavirus pandemic changed how professional football was approached in 2020.

Messi departing the club when he’s needed most has been publicly taken as disrespectful. Supporters permitted at Barcelona FC matches before Spain’s 2nd Covid lockdown were booing Messi, which goes against regular chants of excitement. It shows that his reputation has been damaged badly & that Javier Tebas is correct in presuming that leaving La Liga would further dampen his reputation in Europe.

Champions League vs Premier League

Lionel Messi was convinced by Barcelona FC coaching personnel to remain with the club for an additional season. However, transfer discussions to the UEFA Champions League have begun for the 2021-22 Season. It’s expected that Lionel Messi will announce his new employment in three months during January 2021. La Liga president Tebas is recommending that Lionel Messi terminate any discussions that are being had with European clubs.

It should be mentioned that the UEFA Champions League isn’t the exclusive option for Lionel Messi. Interest from the Premier League’s Manchester City has also been noted. However, most agree that Lionel Messi won’t fit properly into the Premier League & will ultimately enter a downwards spiral, ruining his legacy.