Milwaukee Bucks Training Facility Closed

The National Basketball Association immediately have found themselves struggling to deter COVID-19 from infecting their personnel. This follows after multiple infections of coronavirus was confirmed amongst Professional Basketball Players. NBA Health Officials aren’t providing full counts of confirmed cases. However, outbreaks are becoming severe. Multiple training facilities are closing days after their camps began. The Los Angeles Clippers were 1st to shut down their training camps after 25+ infections of coronavirus were confirmed amongst the National Basketball Association. All remaining cases of COVID-19 have been kept private.

Family members & close friends towards professional basketballers have voiced their concern regarding the lack of information. This inherently affects their lives & local communities throughout America when Professional Basketballers return from Florida to their home states. NBA Executives aren’t allowing for informal releases of data, meaning it’s not known if Coaches & Team Personnel are also infected. Players have merely been confirmed because of the highlighted press their announcement generate amongst social media & ESPN.

Another training camp that shutdown their doors hours after the Los Angeles Clippers were the Denver Nuggets. Media Personnel with the Denver Nuggets noted they’re not experiencing an outbreak but have concerns that by moving forward with training, infections are imminent. The Denver Nuggets are stand-alone in listening to recommendations issued by the Centre for Disease Control & Prevention.

The Milwaukee Bucks operate the latest facility that’s closing their training camp. They’re experiencing an outbreak of coronavirus, not releasing information. NBA Media Personnel has cited “Patient & Doctor Privileges” for their reasoning to not handing over data to news outlets. This means all NBA Players would share the same mindset of not informing fans of their conditions. NBA Executives are withholding information for personal benefits.

Multiple members of the sporting community are calling upon Disney Executives & Florida Politicians to cancel all entertainment venues. These pleas have been ignored, with the State Governor & Disney CEO more concerned for 2020-21 Fiscal Profits than the lives of professional athletes. It’s now rumoured that the Toronto Raptors will shutdown their training camp by July 6th.