MLS Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, something most have forgotten about in the current political climate. This includes numerous largescale corporations like Walmart & numerous sporting organizations. Major League Soccer hasn’t forgotten about Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, with this period being notably important throughout MLS history. It was announced on September 1st that “MLS Works” will be working alongside Continental Tire to raise awareness & funds towards the non-stop war against childhood cancer.

Named Kick Childhood Cancer, MLS is entering their 7th year operating this socially responsible program alongside Continental Tire. Their continued efforts work towards strengthening research & cures for childhood cancer worldwide, while also providing support for families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and having to pay out for large medical bills. Thousands of families in America have children with cancer and have struggled tenfold since March 2020.

An official statement was released by MLS President & Chief Administrative Officer, Joanne Neale. She evoked that entering the 7th year into the Kick Childhood Cancer campaign hasn’t remotely deterred their commitment towards locating cures. Dozens of childhood cancers remain active today, with those children requiring support & comfort during their most vulnerable time in life. Joanne mentioned Major League Soccer’s dedication to providing families with relief aid from the funds garnered through awareness, showing the unwavering support MLS has for children with cancer.

Joanne Neale ended her statements by mentioning MLS’s delight in partnering with Continental Tire for the “2020 Kick Childhood Cancer Campaign”. Together, they hope to garner enough funds to provide medical experts with the tools needed to locate medicines that’ll assist these children or cure their cancer.

Helpful Footballers

This campaign will sustain itself until September 30th, with MLS Works Team & Continental Tire PR Crew working with football clubs to surprise children with cancer. Healthcare providers that’ve assisted tenfold with the COVID-19 pandemic & tended to these children will also be gifted with unique experiences from these footballers. It’s known that one or two players from all 26 MLS Clubs will appear in the Kick Childhood Cancer Campaign. It’ll mark the first time that all teams have had a notable involvement.