Naomi Osaka Supports Olympics Postponement

The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics were postponed earlier this month, with a large portion of the supporters being shocked by the announcement. When most sports leagues are slated to become operational again, the Summer Olympics will be cancelled for twelve months. The athletes have supported this decision, which ensures their safety amongst the concerning period in history. The most recent individual to support the closure in Naomi Osako, who has somewhat become the poster child for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. She indicated her approval through social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Naomi Osaka is one of the most formidable athletes in Women’s Tennis. She acquired victory at the United States 2019 Open, with a similar triumph occurring at the 2019 Australian Open. Osaka was slated to be a central character in the launch video for these Olympics, which was released earlier in February. Decisions to cancel the event was forced onto the International Olympic Committee after worldwide disapproval for their delayed reactions. The Japanese Government began demanding that the IOC terminate the venue, meaning billions in infrastructure would be lost for taxpayers. It took several days for the IOC to determine if a postponement was necessary.

The Tennis Champion expressed that the closure of the Olympics has disappointed her, but that she couldn’t be prouder to support the wellbeing of Japan. She noted that regardless of what happens throughout the next twelve months, the Olympic Team for Japan will become more reliable than ever. Sports will become a significant factor in uniting the world in 2021, but the start of the new decade can be that period. Naomi Osaka finished her remarks by expressing that individuals worldwide need to rally together to defeat Covid-19, do it with Olympic spirit and national pride. For those located in my home nation of Japan, stay healthy, and we’ll get through this Pandemic.

The Influence

Naomi Osaka provided insightful and mature words for a young athlete. For the Asian community, she’s the highest-ranked tennis professional and is supported by 500+ thousand followers throughout Instagram. She was born in Japan but had a Haitian Father, making her one of the 1st influential athletes from Japan to become a national figure. The Japanese people usually have called mixed citizens racial slurs and forced them out of entertainment careers. Osaka changed this all.