New York City FC Receiving Stadium

The New York Yankee Stadium is infamous for hosting some of the most legendary baseball matches in history. However, it’s also been home to historically infamous football matches in Major League Soccer. That won’t apply for much longer with the New York Football Club looking to purchase a South Bronx property. This location will be demolished and rebuilt to provide NYFC with their personalized stadium. It’s been several years since initial plans to create a stadium at 153rd Street, and River Avenue were terminated.

Confirmation that the stadium remains as the previously decided site hasn’t been made. NYFC must consult with multiple organizations to receive approvals to begin construction. This includes the Bronx Parking Authority, NYC Economic Development Corporation, MADDD Equities, Bronx Community Groups and Major League Soccer. Going through five different organization could create confusion regarding when and where the new stadium could be built in the Bronx. Most sporting analysts believe that the desired stadium will inevitably be terminated again and that NYFC will remain with Yankee’s stadium.

Stadium Details

The New York Football Club has drastically altered their development plans from previous blueprints designed several years ago. New models showcase a modernized gem that would bring millions in annual revenue to the Bronx community. New services would include an underground parking lot with electronic charging stations, modern kitchen amenities for restaurants and reclining seats with additional padding. It’s anticipated that there’ll be 25+ thousand seats with the NYFC Stadium and will cost more than $1 billion to develop. Since this football club announced their reconsideration for stadium development, the Mayor of NYC and President of Economic Development has supported this strategy.

The New York Yankees maintain 20% shareholdings with the NYFC. Their immediate demand was that 10+ parking spaces be available at the new stadium, with an additional 9+ thousand rebuilt for the Yankees stadium. This would drastically increase the associated cost, potentially bringing costs to $2 billion or more. The excess in funds leads financial analysts to believe that MADDD Equities won’t loan NYFC the required funds. We’ll keep our readers updated on future details regarding this stadiums potential future.