Paul Merson Hopeful for Liverpool

There is still a chance that Liverpool could win the Premier League Championship. This is the opinion on Paul Merson, who believes that if his team defeats Manchester City, then the team will be most likely to win the championship. This is because United Emery is close to losing against Arsenal, and Manchester City will easily defeat Arsenal. Subsequently, the only genuine competition for Paul Merson’s Liverpool is the onslaught of Manchester United. This wouldn’t be the first time that the two teams clashed with each other. Their rivalry is infamous in the Premier League, which will undoubtedly create some action that the United Kingdom has hoped for in this championship battle. Liverpool is anticipated to win their next three matches, which will place them in a dangerous contention position.

The Shootout

This will be considered one of the most significant football matchups in the 2019 Premier League Season. It will be a game where neither one of them will want a draw, leaving them both six points away from the championship title. Both teams are equally matched, and many sports analysts believe that their inevitable matchup will result in a shootout. Considering that Liverpool’s lineup has slightly better forwards and scores, the shooting could work in their favour as opposed to Manchester City. Most would claim that it’s too early in the season to make these accusations, but the 2019/2020 Season has already been active for four months. It won’t be that much longer until a championship battle is being advertised by sportsbooks and brokers alike.

Liverpool to Win

These are all predictions at the moment. However, there is an upcoming matchup between Liverpool and Manchester City that will show everyone the possibilities of both teams. Whichever one comes out on top will most likely be the championship contender. For those interest in sportsbetting or the long term season, this is one of the most famous games of the season. Most analysts are leading in favour of Liverpool ever since Manchester United lost multiple key players in their lineup.

Furthermore, Liverpool has a new manager who is infamous for making the worst of games into incredible wins. The only thing working against the team is that it’s an opening game, which has always been more difficult for Liverpool. Whoever wins this match will receive six points and be in the lead, with both teams currently tied in the points.