Pirelli Launches Investigation into Silverstone 2020

The British Grand Prix in Silverstone proved more eventful than anybody could’ve anticipated, with the 52nd final lap providing an influx of excitement. This followed after Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes AMG-Petronas had his Pirelli Types experience blistering, with similar problems follow for his teammate, Valtteri Bottas. McLaren Racing would also face identical tyre-wear with Carlos Sainz MCL 35.

All three F1 Drivers had their tyres explode on the final lap, prompting Valtteri Bottas to drop from 2nd Place to 11th. Carlos Sainz dropped from 4th Position to 13th. Lewis Hamilton has gifted a podium victory after his Pirelli tyres popped, barely crossing the finish line & losing out to Max Verstappen. This was avoided because of the 30 Second Gap held by Hamilton before his tyres exploded from blistering, Max Verstappen shortened the gap to 5.856s within a single lap.

Valtteri Bottas was 1st to experience Deflation, causing the Mercedes AMG-Petronas Driver to drop from contention of overtaking Lewis Hamilton in the final two laps. Minutes sat Carlos Sainz would also have his Pirelli Tyres deflate on the 50th lap, dropping nine places before reaching the finish line.

F1 Drivers & Supporters are shocked that Lewis Hamilton drove his W11 across the finish line with three tyres, showing the championship skillsets of the British Superstar. It marks his 7th podium victory at Silverstone, having been defeated only twice while employed under Mercedes. Nico Rosberg & Sebastian Vettel would take away two wins for Hamilton.

The Pirelli Investigation

Pirelli announced that they’d prompted an investigation into how their tyres experienced significant blistering, leading towards Deflation. Pirelli Technician Manager Mario Isola will maintain analyzation of these issues. Surprisingly, Pirelli is taking the deflation problem at Silverstone so seriously, especially when considering that Silverstone was supporting aggressively hot temperatures that aren’t suitable for Formula One tyres.

This follows after Formula One was forced to attend Silverstone in August, the hottest period for Britain. It’s considerably later into the year than generally seen for Formula One races at Silverstone. This is most likely the primary attribute associated with the Deflation & blistering.