Pochettino Waiting for Manchester Opportunity

One of the most notable names in coaching history for the champions league has been Mauricio Pochettino. He took the Tottenham Spurs, a team that was infamous for losing and turned them into one of the most reliable teams league-wide. He leads them to the finals multiple times and defeated notable teams like Manchester City. This became a continuous event for the Tottenham Spurs Coach, which has made him one of the most desired coaches for acquisition.

The winning streak that Mauricio Pochettino regularly saw for Tottenham finally ended in 2019. Challenges ensued last season, where they took only fourteen points in twelve games. It prompted them to be terminated from championship placement after losing to Colchester United, a team that’s never once entered the Champions League. This shocking loss saw Pochettino being terminated from his position as head coach.

The Tottenham Spurs Board of Directors determined that it was best to terminate the Argentina-born coach. However, this doesn’t mean that the top qualifying head coach who brought a low scale team into the top four placements doesn’t have a future. Numerous organizations have begun looking into his acquisition, with notable rivals like Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain contacting Mauricio. Its shocked fanatics of Real Madrid that Mauricio had been approached, with Zidane having taken the role of a head coach only this year. However, Zidane has underperformed and lost Real Madrid, their Premier League Placement. Pochettino doesn’t want to build up another team, which is why he’s publicly mentioned that he’s waiting for contact from Manchester City.

The Manchester United Odds

The rumours that Mauricio Pochettino would take over Manchester City or Manchester United have remained prevalent for six months. These rumours began after it was confirmed that the Old Trafford club wouldn’t hire Pochettino for the 2020 Season and instead had selected Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. It’s now being rumoured that Pep Guardiola will leave Manchester City before the 2020 – 21 Season, which provides Pochettino with the perfect opportunity to take the helm. This would mark a significant change, which could see the Manchester-based premier league team win the Championship Cup.

Mauricio Pochettino confirmed that he had declined Real Madrid opportunity to take over for Zidane. This leaves analysts wondering if Zidane will be given another chance for a season or if an assistant coach with Real Madrid will be promoted. Regardless, the odds that Mauricio Pochettino will be touted to Manchester City as Head Coach is growing every week.