Racist Chants at Lazio Matchup

Tensions in football communities across the European Union is growing. There has been a huge push towards removing all racist and intolerant behaviour throughout the Spanish, Italian and British leagues. However, fanatics haven’t listened to these requests and are now regularly chanting racist statements stadium-wide. This became evident again when the Series A’s Lazio FC experienced a significant racist chant, with it being directed towards Mario Balotelli. The Italian Forward faced these intolerant statements after Lazio was down one point by half-time. Fanatics were immediately told to stop this bigoted behaviour after a stadium-wide statement was made by Lazio Head Coach, that or they’d be removed immediately.

The Head Coach was grateful that Lazio Fanatics listened to his request, allowing for the rest of the matchup to unfold. That was until the final minute of playing time, where no additional points were scored. Quickly these chants began again, with Balotelli going to Instagram in outrage of expression. The chants played in the background, where he noted that fans should be ashamed of themselves. It should be noted that comments weren’t only directed at himself but also towards family members at the stadium and back home. His anger is reasonable, with Lazio Owners debating if termination of the season is required for these individuals to learn their lesson.

Lazio FC’s Pushback

Lazio FC provided a public statement towards the fanatics that abused basic respect towards your fellow man. They noted that this has happened in the past. That these words don’t affect them or Mario Balotelli. Lazio FC expressed that they’ve dissociated themselves from their fanatics and don’t remotely approve of the discriminatory behaviour. Lazio FC also mentioned that any racist chants will result in criminal arrests and proceedings. This statement comes after it was confirmed that policing staff would be increased going forward.

As mentioned by Lazio FC, this isn’t the first time that their teammates have had to experience intolerance by fanatics. Mario Balotelli himself was targeted by racial abuse multiple times throughout the season, with the forward leaving a November matchup before the first half was completed. Additional players that have experienced these offensive chants include Ronaldo Vieira, Miralem Pjanic, Romelu Lukaku, Dalbert Henrique, Franck Kessie and Kalidou Koulibaly. Going forward, it’s unknown what the governing forces with the Series A Association will do towards these racist chants and illegal behaviour. Unless action is taken, it’ll give these individuals more power and for the intolerant, justify their actions.