The Latest Summer Transfer Rumours in Football

The summer transfer window is finally in full swing. However, there’s still loads of work that needs to be completed, especially when you take into account the international tournaments that managed to occupy the attention of some of the biggest targets this summer. Which football players will likely make a move before the 2019/20 campaign?

Neymar to Barcelona – 60%

The international footballer from Brazil will undoubtedly depart from PSG in the next couple of weeks. Leonardo, the sporting director for PSG, has recently confirmed that PSG is ready to leave Neymar alone and move on. Neymar was absent from the first opening game against Nimes. Even though Barcelona has an icy relationship when it comes to PSG, they are still determined to win the race for Neymar against Real Madrid by offering loads of cash and plenty of players, including Nelson Semedo, Philippe Coutinho, and Ivan Rakitic.

Philippe Coutinho to Bayern – 40%

Transferring the international from Brazil’s hefty salary will certainly assist Barcelona to claim Neymar from PSG, even if he is not included in the overall deal. Coutinho has received several offers in the last couple of weeks, and while Inter Milan, Juventus, and Arsenal have passed the opportunity, Bayern Munich is still very interested. One thing to keep in mind is the willingness of Bayern to sign starters on load along with the ability to buy at a later stage, for instance, Ivan Perisic and James Rodriguez.

Paulo Dybala to Paris-Saint Germain – 40%

While the international from Argentina failed to agree with Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United before the summer transfer window closed on the Premier League, he still has a chance to play for Juventus. The 8-time Serie A defending champs are still searching for a number 9 and might offer a substantial amount to claim Dybala. PSG sees Dybala as a perfect replacement for Neymar and Dybala also wants to stay in France and enjoy a league where it’s far less demanding and better suited for his style of play.

Keylor Navas to Paris-Saint Germain – 30%

After PSG decided to part ways with Gianluigi Buffon, the club is exploring other possibilities to gain an experienced goalkeeper that will be able to train Alphonse Areola. Keylor Navas from Real Madrid is one name that keeps popping up as he is someone that is not overly thrilled about watching Thibaut Courtois from the sideline for most of the upcoming season. If the club is unable to reel-in Gianluigi Donnarumma, there will be discussions for Keylor Navas down the road before the seasons get underway.

Dejan Lovren to Roma – 60%

Even though a move to Milan didn’t materialize, the defender from Liverpool can still make it to Serie A. Paulo Fonseca, the manager of Roma is always looking for a centre-back after giving up on Toby Alderweireld due to the asking price. It seems like Lovren will be a much better option, and a cheaper possibility as well.