Thierry Henry Eyed by Barcelona FC

Respectable inside sources with the Barcelona Football Club have leaked unexpected information. It’s been learned that after losing to Bayern Munich at an 8-2 Loss, Barcelona FC is looking to elect an updated head coach. This decision is being considered to ensure that a terrible loss isn’t experienced similarly throughout 2021-22 in the UEFA Champions League.

Quique Setien is the current head coach for Barcelona FC, with leaked reports indicating that his position with the football club has already ended. An official announcement is expected within several days, providing Quique Setien time to create an official statement for his coaching future. Inside sources suggest that Barcelona FC is terminating Quique Setien in-favour of Thierry Henry, the current head coach for Major League Soccer’s Montreal Impact. Unsurprisingly, Thierry Henry is being considered, with the footballer & coach maintaining legendary status at Barcelona. He was a former star athlete for this football club.

Supporters of the Montreal Impact shouldn’t evoke serious concern over this leaked information. Thierry Henry will remain prevalent with the Canadian football club until the 2020 MLS Season is finalized, which won’t be until late this year. Henry is also being forced to compete exclusively against Canadian football clubs in MLS for 2020, with this coming after Canada’s Government refused all professional footballers permittance to travel across the United States Border for a 2nd time.

Other Options for Barcelona FC

Thierry Henry not being selected by Barcelona FC, or the Montreal Impact head coach rejecting the offer doesn’t mean that the Spanish football club doesn’t have back-up options. Inside sources evoke that Massimiliano Allegri from Juventus FC and Ronald Koeman from the Netherlands National Football Club is being considered. The shortlist also included Mauricio Pochettino from the Tottenham Hotspurs. Whoever is selected or accepts Barcelona’s offer will be a better option then Quique Setien.

It’d also be an ignorant business decision for Thierry Henry to leave the Montreal Impacts. His contract began in November 2019, with his coaching duties having extended to nine matches since acquiring the job. This follows after lengthy postponements came with the COVID-19 pandemic. Barcelona FC could find themselves being rejected by their top choice and former star athlete. Thierry Henry making this decision in favour of the Montreal Impact’s would likely close the doors towards a remittance with Barcelona as head coach.