UFCs New Heavyweight Champion is Tyson Fury

After becoming one of the most overweight fighters in the Ultimate Fighters Championship and then losing that weight to become an absolute beast, Tyson Fury has regained his title as Heavyweight Champion. This followed after dropping Deontay Wilder twice to the ground on February 22nd. After decimating his opponent, the Wilder Corner threw in the towel to avoid future damage to Deontay.

Tyson Fury suffered from substantial alcohol and drug abuse problems when going through his overweight phase. It was the challenge from Deontay Wilder that prompted him to revitalize his body and become the dominating heavyweight fighter that once stood champion. Most had anticipated that Deontay would win this bout, with him being the dominant fighter during their 1st bout. After he won, Tyson Fury mentioned that the King has returned to his throne.

The third round marked the moment when UFC experts and supporters knew that Tyson Fury would win, with him dropping Deontay Wilder to the point his legs were swept underneath him. This followed again in the 5th round, with the third drop to the ground calling the fight. It required Kenny Bayles as the referee to pull Tyson Fury away from Deontay Wilder, with images showing the Gypsy King licking the blood off Wilder’s neck. It should be noted that Deontay Wilder had blood pouring from his ear immediately in the 1st round, which followed after a substantial punch to the temple.

Deontay Suffers from Fury’s Fists

This marks the 1st loss for Deontay Wilder in forty-four fights, being the most vital record for continuous wins over the last decade. It’s now expected that the two fighters will compete for a third fight, with both having a specific clause that guarantees the 3rd bout. UFC Experts will anticipate Tyson Fury to win for a 2nd time depending on his physical condition. Throughout the match, it was Fury who had the dominating punches and control over the octagon. Unlike the first fight they had, nobody can debate that Tyson Fury was and is the champion. After the bell had been rung, medical staff immediately collected Deontay Wilder and rushed him to the local hospital. Blood pouring from the left ear can indicate an array of medical issues regarding the brain, with details on his condition not provided.