UK Government Holding Meeting with Sporting Associations

The United Kingdom announced that all broadcasters and sports bodies are being summoned to the House of Commons. This follows after a confirmed meeting to discuss plans to limit the exposure of the coronavirus. Those hosting the conference for government officials include the Department of Digital Culture & Sports Media, with this event slated to be organized between March 9th and 10th. To date, there haven’t been any alterations in the attendance legislation towards sporting events in the United Kingdom. However, analysts expect that travel restriction will be implemented for these venues. That means fans of Manchester United or Liverpool won’t have access to their respective stadiums. These restrictions on operation are slated to extend to cafes and pubs throughout the United Kingdom.

These officials are beginning to prepare for the worst-case scenarios with a coronavirus outbreak. Multiple countries have already banned all public events that see more than 100+ individuals in one location. This doesn’t mean that all sporting events will be cancelled through televised broadcasts. Just like Formula One with the Bahrain Grand Prix, players and teammates will be allowed to compete. Rumours indicate that these sporting events will still be broadcasted to millions worldwide.

It should be noted that Italy has experienced the most prominent outbreak of the coronavirus in the European Union. Government officials throughout Italy have already created temporary legislation that demands sporting enthusiasts not attend any major events for one month. This temporary legislation has a specialized clause that enables for cancellations to be extended until September 2020.

Implemented Bans

Concerns relating to the coronavirus have caused for both the EFL and Premier League to terminate “Pre-Match Handshakes”, which is a time-honoured condition from the last 100+ years. Unique aspects never before seen in history are being revealed because of the coronavirus, with this tarnished tradition just being one of the dozens. It should be noted that football isn’t the only affected sport from the coronavirus.

Additional competitions like Cricket, Basketball, Handball and more also face severe cancellations. Anybody suspected to have the coronavirus in the United Kingdom is requested to contact medical experts and remain in quarantine until assistance can be provided. We’ll keep our readers informed if this meeting prompts the immediate cancellations of all sporting events in the United Kingdom.