Wayne Rooney Desire the Premier League

A substantial announcement from the ECA shrouded the Premier League. This announcement caused multiple other critical pieces of information to fly under the radar. One of these important announcements was from Wayne Rooney, who mentioned that his time with the Premier League isn’t over. The ageing superstar believes he still has the capabilities necessary to score accumulated points over multiple seasons. Rooney’s statements come after he left Major League Soccer’s DC United to join Derby County. This stands as an 18-month contract, which is slated to begin in January 2020.

This middle-aged footballer has slowly begun moving his way from the field and into coaching positions. He’s taking on a coaching/forward-attacking place with the Derby Country Rams. His first match with the team in a coaching position saw an immediate loss, which was television through SkySports. The determined superstar plans to change these losses into victories by placing all team members on new regiments. Depending on the ferocity of Wayne Rooney’s training, the Rams could become a notable team in Europe.

Even with his eighteen-month obligation to the Derby County Rams, Wayne Rooney still aspires to return to the Premier League. His second entrance into the infamous league didn’t last long with Everton, with coaching staff removing him from the lineup midway through the season. It saw Rooney move to DC United and have a formidable career in America, but left the European Footballer devastated by this politically-enforced decision. Instead of engaging with any of the notable Premier League teams, Rooney plans to improve Derby County and return them to championship-levels by 2021.

The Chances

Wayne Rooney has always been a footballer with ultimate aspirations, often not meeting his unrealistic goals in the process. The Premier League is shrouded by dominating teams like Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Everton, and Chelsea. Getting the Derby County Rams up to their level requires more than substantial training; it also demands significant funds to be spent regularly. Considering that this sporting organization has a low budget, with most of it being spent on the acquisition of Rooney, his chances at accomplishing these goals grow lower with each passing match-up.