Who is Sheffield United?

Sheffield United has recently confirmed their spot in the top flight league next season. This occurred when Leeds United finished the clash against Aston Villa on a draw last weekend. It’s for this reason that we decided to take an in-depth look at the Blades as well as what the team will provide in the Premier League.

Sheffield United and the Premier League

The last season of the Premier League that featured Sheffield United still festers. As the 2006/07 season came to an end, it seemed like West Ham United were going to be relegated, allowing the Blades to survive. However, Carlos Tevez managed to singlehandedly drag West Ham United to 7 victories from 9 matches that cause them to stay afloat on the last day. However, it was later discovered that West Ham United was breaching third-party ownership rules which meant that Carlos Tevez shouldn’t have been able to make that run. This ended up in them paying £20 million to United in compensation. However, those that were involved will never be able to forget.

The Sheffield United Manager

Chris Wilder is considered one of the best football managers when it comes to the English league in the last four seasons. In 2014, Wilder was appointed as the boss for Northampton when they were trailing at the bottom of the league. In 2016, he managed to get them promoted before he made his move to Sheffield United. This occurred just after the club suffered their worst season in over three decades.

Chris Wilder managed to get them promoted in only one season after he spent six years in League One. This allowed the club to enjoy back-to-back promotions that shouldn’t have been possible any other way. Chris Wilder is considered a proper football manager who managed to throw together a bunch of players that don’t belong anywhere else and made them a decent football team for the Premier League. He is a no-nonsense coach, but he gets results.

History of Sheffield United

You will need to travel back in time for more than a century to enjoy the glory days of Sheffield United. The club’s only league title occurred in 1898 after they claimed the old Fist Division title as well as the first FA Cup the following year. They also managed to win a further 3 FA Cup titles after that. Since then, the club had endured up and down trips in Divisions where they sank to their lowest point during 1981 when the club was relegated to the Fourth Division. The club is considered founding members of the prestigious Premier League and managed to survive its first season even though they had a horrible first half of their campaign. In 2013, a Saudi prince bought 50% of the club, while Kevin McCabe owns the remaining 50%. The two are set to bring the team back to life in the Premier League next season, so keep an eye out for this team.