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  Media statement by President Jacob Zuma at the 2010 World Cup Host Country International Media Conference - Let the games begin!
6/6/2010 5:58:53 PM
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  Statement by President Jacob Zuma on political conduct and social cohesion - 'Leaders should think before they speak'
10/4/2010 9:45:37 PM
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  State of the Nation address by President Jacob Zuma - This year, 2010, shall be a year of action
11/2/2010 8:54:14 PM
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  President Jacob Zuma's statement on the impact of events of the past week - 'I deeply regret the pain that I have caused'
6/2/2010 12:00:00 AM
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  Let's debate, but let's debate in a way that unifies our movement and strengthens practical programmes of action - We must not discredit the need for major structural transformation in our society, says the SACP
3/2/2010 7:21:48 PM
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  Statement of the ANC NEC Lekgotla - 'We must manage the contradictions inherent to the alliance in a manner that builds the unity of purpose'
18/1/2010 12:00:00 AM
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  ANC National Executive Committee statement on the occasion of its 98th anniversary - 'Much more needs to be done to improve the alliance relations at national and more at sub-national levels'
10/1/2010 5:51:57 PM
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  SACP message on the 98th Anniversary of the ANC - 'Media is currently suffering from withdrawal symptoms on how to cover an alliance that is functioning better since Polokwane'
9/1/2010 12:00:00 AM
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  Ours was never a struggle about replacing the white with a black elite! - 'We must seek to expose opportunistic use of the language and demands of the working class in order to hide the accumulation agenda of a compradorial bourgeoisie', says SACP General Secretary Blade Nzimande
6/1/2010 9:21:36 PM
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  2010 New Year's message to the Nation by President JG Zuma - 'We have to put the culture of negativity behind us'
1/1/2010 12:00:00 AM
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