Supporters Angered by Premier League PPV Announcement

Greed thrives the Premier League & that was again proven on November 1st, with the announcement that upcoming matches in the 2020-21 Season will be formatted as Pay-Per-Views. This means that the most prominent matches of the forthcoming campaign will require additional payments from supporters, with that cost being £14.95 per game. It’s a decision that’s seen severe criticism from analysts & supporters alike, with sentiments expressing that this decision will create more significant damage to the Premier League in a Post-Covid setting.

Supporters were initially angered this year when learning that EFL Executives had determined the Premier League is more popular internationally than domestically. Subsequently, broadcast contracts were made in-favour of other operators than SkySports. That decision prompted the announcement that 200 of 380 Premier League games in 2020-21 are being aired domestically. It means dedicated fans of the football series are missing 180 matches, and now to request that consumers payout £14.95 for a percentage of those games is ridiculous.

The Premier League & its executives have avoided backlash from critics, with their concerns more related to financial disruptions experienced during the pandemic. Supporters not being permitted into stadiums has inflicted severe losses onto Premier League profits, with investors demanding that valuations increase because a vaccine is released. There is one method available to Executives after exhausting their sponsorship contracts, with that being the Pay-Per-View format. There’s a small possibility it’ll solve the issue of investors for now but will create additional problems after the Covid-19 Pandemic has ended. Supporters will have been angered profusely by EFL & Premier League Executives, prompting a potential boycott of the 2021-22 campaign.

£299 for 20 Matches

Details regarding how much supporters will be required to payout to witness all matches were provided. It’s known that for each round of Premier League football, with there being two rounds. That means £299.00 will be required from consumers for the 2020-21 Premier League Season. It should be noted that Executives & Investors are greedy in their decision to reimplement PPVs. It’s known that the Premier League earns £5 Billion domestically & £4 Billion internationally. How Executives have decided to abandon their core fanbase isn’t known to anyone.