MLS Covid Outbreaks Infected 20% of Players

Infection percentages seen in Major League Soccer during the pandemic are higher than what was initially being reported by corporate. Executive forces governing over the MLSPA provided accurate percentages for infection rates, with Executive Director Bob Foose revealing during conference calls that percentages had reached 20%. Concerns from footballers have grown with coronavirus cases increasing in America & Canada. Those concerns were relieved for short periods by corporate, which announced a minimal number of players that were infected with Covid-19. It’s led footballers that weren’t infected to question why corporate would purposely lie about such a serious matter.

Executive Director Bob Foose issued an official statement regarding the increased percentage. He states that most Americans & Canadians were permitted in working from home, with MLS footballers unable to sustain that method of employment. It meant that 20% of players were infected with the virus, which extended to increased infection percentages amongst family & friends. MLSPA Executive Director Foose believes upwards of one thousand cases of coronavirus could likely be contract-traced back to Major League Soccer.

Sentiments made by Executive Director Foose haven’t been taken lightly by corporate, with Major League Soccer refusing to respond. Bob Foose promised guaranteed proof regarding the infection of 150+ players if MLS Corporate denied the 20% league-wide cases. It should be clarified that MLSPA is accounting for the additional players that contracted coronavirus while sustaining international duties. Those infections don’t account as league-established, as footballers would have been out-of-country.

Social Distance

The MLS Players Association rallied behind severe social distancing measures, with corporate taking a lacklustre approach by sending footballers to Florida for the “MLS is Back Tournament”. That competition alone witnessed dozens of players contract Covid-19. Most believed more robust measures would be enforced afterwards, which wasn’t ever the case. Subsequently, 20% of league-wide infections was sustained.