La Liga Footballer Moves to MLS

Major League Soccer is becoming internationally recognized by prominent footballers, which follows after MLS was inducted into FIFA. Athletic personalities like Lionel Messi & Christina Ronaldo have mentioned their dreams towards competing in Major League Soccer this decade. Those individuals will wait to compete under the MLS division as Barcelona & Juventus refuse to release their greatest players to date. That hasn’t been the case for Wilfrid Kaptoum, a Midfielder born from Cameroon & aged 24. Announcements were made by Barcelona FC that they’ve transferred Wilfrid Kaptoum to the New England Revolution in MLS.

Wilfrid Kaptoum entered the La Liga Division in 2014, sustaining the majority of his career with Barcelona FC. Contractual availability across the European Union wasn’t available to Wilfrid, prompting his interest into Major League Soccer. His entrance into MLS follows after an unfortunate season on-loan in a lower division. Wilfrid competed for Deportiva Almeria Union until October 2020.

Statements regarding Wilfrid Kaptoum leaving Spain’s football divisions & entering Major League Soccer was released by New England Revolution. Emphasis was given that Wilfrid is a talented midfielder that’ll become a central component of future development at NER. Head Coach & Sporting Director of New England Revolution mentioned the passing capabilities shown by Kaptoum. Bruce Arena also clarified that the stamina shown by Wilfrid will strengthen the midfield unit at NER.

Never Reaching Fruition

Supporters in Spain were shocked to learn that Barcelona FC departed with Wilfrid Kaptoum. Millions throughout twelve years were spent training Kaptoum & creating a formidable midfielder. Barcelona FC accepted Wilfrid into their academy at twelve, with his official team debut not arriving until 2014 for Barcelona B. Only four matches were sustained with Barcelona FC for Wilfrid Kaptoum before being transferred to Real Betis in 2018-19. Official appearances in La Liga extend to nineteen for Wilfrid Kaptoum. His prominence throughout the Spanish football league never was achieved, with analysts expecting different in MLS.