Upcoming Premier League Predictions for 2 December 2018

There’s no denying that December comes equipped with some of the most action-packed matches in the Premier League, allowing you to enjoy sensational football whether you watching from home or at a local pub with friends. There’s an incredible line up of games on 2 December 2018 that you cannot miss and to ensure you stay up-to-date with the Premier League, we decided to list the best of them right here for your convenience.

Chelsea vs Fulham – 2 December 2018 at 11:00am

Chelsea was certainly caught by surprise last week when they were defeated by Tottenham Hotspur in a horrible 3-1 loss. Jorginho didn’t get much time on the ball and looked completely lost. Without him, who will give the ball to Hazard or Willian? Chelsea also won’t win anything with Luiz playing in the back four, or with Alonso at the back left. Fulham will enter the game and place 10 players behind the ball to ensure they get a chance to score. However, we strongly believe Chelsea will take this one quite easily after their astonishing defeat last week. We predict Chelsea will win 2-0 against Fulham.

Arsenal vs Tottenham – 2 December 2018 at 14:00pm

Arsenal have a great spirit around them in this season, but their performance against Wolves weren’t fantastic. However, they are not losing games and that certainly matters more. They also don’t want to give Hotspur a head start in this game, and if Tottenham players like they did last weekend, the best Arsenal can get is a draw. If Tottenham doesn’t bring their A game, Arsenal is going to score. They also have a better chance if they include Mesut Ozil into their line-up. We predict a 1-1 score in this one.

Liverpool vs Everton – 2 December 2018 at 14:00pm

Liverpool were completely scattered when they played against PSG, showing you exactly how good their three front is. The back four in Liverpool’s line-up is also great, but they were in serious trouble last weekend. We expect Liverpool to win this game against Everton as they left a lot of open spaces during their game against Chelsea. Everton will try to defend more than attack and that’s exactly where Liverpool is going to have the upper hand. We predict a 2-0 win from Liverpool is this game.

Crystal Palace vs Burnley – 2 December 2018 at 14:00pm

Roy Hodgson is undoubtedly pulling out his hair at the moment. Crystal Palace were quite incredible last week during their match against Manchester United. However, their single biggest problem is the same for most teams in the Premier League, they desperately need a forward. No one can deny that they were the better team last weekend, but this can instantly change while playing against Burnley this weekend. Burnley on the other hand is shocking to say the least. Crystal Palace will have the perfect opportunity to make up for the draw from last weekend as Burnley is not the same this season. We predict Palace to take a 2-1 victory over Burnley.