How Will The Rest of the Premier League Season Play Out?

We are in the final stretch of the Premier League, and everyone is asking who will be able to keep their cool during a crisis? Who will be able to perform when the heat is increased? Who will unexpectedly falter towards the end of the tournament? With all these questions in mind, let’s take a look at how the top clubs will do going forward.

Liverpool – 32 Matches Played with 79 Points

Liverpool is far from fluent. However, they’ve only been defeated once this season and have some easy games ahead of them to claim the trophy this year. This includes Wolves, Newcastle, Huddersfield, Cardiff City, and Chelsea.

Manchester City – 31 Matched Played with 77 Points

Stylish and silky, Manchester City certainly has the Premier League in the bag. However, there has been unexpected defeats in the past that have hindered their performance. The biggest match to look forward to is the game against Manchester United on 24 April 2019.

Arsenal – 31 Matches Played with 63 Points

Arsenal has managed to win 44 matches at home and only 19 matches away. This is a significant concern for Unai Emery. At this time the Europa League need to be given the highest priority to make sure that they are included in the Champions League for the next season.

Tottenham Hotspur – 31 Matches Played with 61 Points

Tottenham is in some grave danger this year which should have been a very comfortable top 4 finish. However, losing ten matches is far too many, and although they are gifted, the team is undoubtedly accident-prone this year.

Manchester United – 31 Matches Played with 61 Points

There’s no denying that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has worked wonders at the club. However, recent performances have made the honeymoon effect wear off. The team requires some severe repairs during the summer, especially in midfield.

Chelsea – 31 Matches Played with 60 Points

There’s no doubt that Maurizio Sarri will be removed from the squad during the summer unless he can make a return to the Champions League. He made several poor decisions during the season which caused the team to drop considerably on the log.

Wolves – 31 Matches Played with 44 Points

The Wolves have made a remarkable return during the 2018/19 season and have the opportunity to reach the FA Cup final after they defeated Manchester United. However, will they have the skills necessary to win it?

Leicester City – 32 Matches Played with 44 Points

Brendan Rodgers made a fresh approach for the team of late, allowing the foxes to make a late run thanks to Jamie Vardy that looks entirely rejuvenated.

Everton – 32 Matches Played with 43 Points

Marco Silva has had a tricky season in the Premier League. However, there are loads of improvements that took place since the start. Everton has the opportunity to qualify for European football and deals during the summer will determine if the team can move forward instead of backwards.