Retired Portsmouth Midfielder Dies at 42

Two notable deaths in the international football community have been sustained. It was confirmed that Papa Bouba Diop from West Africa had died at 42. Details regarding his death haven’t been revealed by local law enforcement in France, indicating the possibility that malicious intent was involved with his death. Condolences from numerous individuals in professional football have followed after learning Papa Bouba Diop had died late November.

Papa Bouba Diop is an influential footballer that players in multiple leagues & tournaments throughout his career. He competed in England’s Premier League with West Ham United & Birmingham City. Additional teams that witnessed the prominent skillsets of Diop included Senegal FC, Fulham FC, and Portsmouth United. All five organizations have expressed their condolences via social media.

Senegal’s National Football Club competed in the 2002 World Cup, with Papa Bouba Diop being the exclusive individual to score against the opposing force of France. It would cement Diop’s legendary status at “World Cup Hero”, which was reiterated by FIFA via Instagram. Fulham FC had evident sadness regarding the death of Papa Bouba Diop, with sentiments over social media expressing the team’s devastation & hoped their legendary footballer would rest easily in the afterlife.

Meaningful moments in Diop’s career extended beyond the World Cup. Papa Bouba would compete in Africa’s Cup of Nations four times before retiring in 2013. However, victory wouldn’t ever be witnessed for Diop in that tournament. The last prominent victory for Papa Bouba Diop came in 2008 when he assisted Portsmouth United in acquiring the FA Cup. It’s expressed that Diop spent his final several years enjoying life to the fullest.

How Did Diop Die?

Speculation has now ensued over how Papa Bouba Diop died, with some believing his physician could’ve been involved similar to Diego Maradona. Most have suggested that unannounced medical problems likely resulted in his early death. Details on how Diop died at forty won’t likely be confirmed until January 2021.