Why Mbappe, Cavani, and Neymar are PSG’s biggest weakness and strength

Neymar is the pivot of the most impressive soccer attack right now, which is the most important fact. A total of €466 million was paid by the PSG for the MCN trio, which is 2018, FC100 and it is a fair price measured by the current standards. Each man, too good for the French league, while they have seven Champions League games between them. Each of the three stars can have an attack built on him as it is the case with Messi. Which is the PSG’s main problem, the club wants the trio to pull together as equals, it is simply not happening as Cavani is not regarded by Neymar as his equal and now the greatest strength of the PSG is the biggest liability.

Outward Tension Signs

The most visible signs are the tension between Neymar and Cavani, as each of the players believes that their country’s game is ideal. The Brazilian, back-heels, flicks, short-passed and is the dribble master and sometimes it looks like he is enjoying indoor soccer while on the other hand the Uruguayan is not expected to compete with the skill of Argentina or Brazil. Cavani is more than willing to do defensive and running in the service of the greatest players such as Luis Suarez of Uruguay or Zlatan Ibrahimović of Paris, and there is no doubt that he has the ability to be a world-class defender. Although when it comes to the world’s best forwards he is lacking via the standard measures and while he is the master of getting the ball into a scoring position he is not as good in converting.

Cavani is isolated and solitary by nature and he admitted that there are different mentalities in a team made up of so many nationalities, which also makes it challenging to find a real connection with everyone in the team. The Brazilian and Frenchman praises each other during interviews, and they have played well together in the Ligue 1, five times. While Neymar and Mbappe are more than willing to retreat, it is frustrating to Cavani who does all the defensive work of the frontline by himself, mostly. At age 31, he gave his best years to the PSG in exchange for little recompense, when Mbappe became the centre-forward, Neymar was ready to find him and Cavani, in Bordeaux was benched for the game.

For the PSG it has been an embarrassing season so far. Foreigners are not very concerned with the French league, which means the headlines are mostly negative, in the international sports articles. The Qatari owners have had seven years of not going into the semi-finals of the Champions League and it was not due to the lack of cash injections and now that they do own the most expensive forward line in the world, they might have to face yet another disappointment.