Manchester United vs Barcelona in Champions League

Mauricio Pochettino, the famous Tottenham Hotspur manager. Stated that Manchester United is a club that is designed to win significant things before their high-profile quarterfinal match against Barcelona in the Champions League. However, he also admitted that Barcelona is one step higher and is considered the favourites to win the European Cup towards the end of June.

Manchester United

Manchester United have experienced a fantastic revival since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer entered the picture, taking over from Jose Mourinho who was sacked in December 2018. The club remains on the hunt to claim a top-four position in the Premier League along with their last-eight spot in Europe.

Pochettino, who has been linked to the Manchester United job since Jose Mourinho made his departure, informed reporters that the Red Devils still need to climb a bit higher. For them to reach the level of Barcelona and Lionel Messi eventually.

“I believe Manchester United have evolved over the last few years to win amazing things,” Mauricio Pochettino stated. He was asked to comment on the match between Barcelona and Manchester United. “However, winning essential tournaments such as the Premier League and Champions League will depend on small details.

“They have the key players that are more than capable of making things rather difficult for Barcelona. However, I believe Barcelona are a step higher when compared to Manchester United.”
Ernesto Valverde, the manager of Barcelona, is doing a phenomenal job with his team. Then you also need to consider the remarkable players with their exceptional level of talent and skills. And obviously, you can never avoid Lionel Messi. On the other hand, you also have teams like Juventus and Manchester City that will always pose a threat because they are designed to win the most important competitions.

Mauricio Pochettino, whose Tottenham Hotspur team managed to draw against Manchester City in the quarterfinals of the UCL, was considered the early favourite. Everyone expected him to take over the Manchester United squad from Jose Mourinho permanently. However, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer produced a truly sensational run which made him a real contender for the permanent role as well.

Champions League Quarterfinal Fixtures

Apart from the world-class match between Manchester United and Barcelona, there are also three other matches that will be worth seeing before the semi-finals and final takes place in Madrid. Manchester City will face Mauricio Pochettino’s Tottenham Hotspur. He will be playing one of their matches at the new stadium that has made a very long time to construct.

Fans will also be able to see Liverpool in action against Porto which is considered one of the most natural matches for Liverpool in the tournament. Apart from this, there’s also the incredible tie between Juventus and Ajax. This game that will undoubtedly see loads of action and potentially a massive upset if Ajax can defeat Christiano Ronaldo and his team. All quarterfinal matches in the Champions League will take place in May, so make sure you watch each of them see who goes through to the semi-finals.