American Woman Accuses Cristiano Ronaldo of Rape

They say bad things come in multiples. The truth in these words couldn’t have come at a worse time for former Man United and Real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese Star is facing rape allegations at a time when he continues to find his footing at new club Juventus.

American woman Kathryn Mayorga, 34, has moved to court in Clark County, Nevada, claiming that Ronaldo had his way with her in 2009 despite her persistent protests asking him to stop. The suit sort of implies that the star owned up to the rape afterward by issuing an apology and said that he was a gentleman in most occasions.

Mayorga’s suit is seeking the court void a supposed agreement that was reached by herself and Ronaldo (and his team) after the incident, during which she received a settlement of $375,000.

Ronaldo’s team has reacted angrily to the lawsuit, terming it an illegality and a breach of a contract that was reached in an agreement. The new Juve man has also appeared to hit back at the news of the suit, posting on Instagram that what was reported was fake news before adding that he was ‘happy’ and ‘good.’

Ronaldo, 33, has had some difficulty settling in Juventus and the Italian Serie A. He is edging past his peak despite being a fantastic athlete, but most people still have huge expectations of him. He has been through controversies before and has always come out bigger and stronger, but the latest one appears to be monumental in dimensional.

It comes at a time when the #MeToo movement has been hugely vocal, so you can expect a huge outcry from those quarters. Being the brand, he is, Ronaldo will also be keen to guard his reputation. As such, a lot of out-of-court negotiations must be taking place.