How to Play Fantasy Football with ESPN

A brand-new season is currently underway in several countries around the world, and ESPN decides to launch their own fantasy soccer game. Those interested will have the opportunity to create their very own fantasy team for Liga MX, Spain’s La Liga, the England Premier League, and the Champions League in Europe. You’ll be able to join a league whenever you want to as signups don’t close once the season starts. Therefore, your season will begin whenever you feel like it.

How Does ESPN’s Fantasy Football Work?

A team is going to be made up of eight players, at four different positions, including a goalkeeper, two defenders, three midfielders, and two forwards. Each of them will accumulate points in multiple categories with outfield players covering a total of fifteen. Assists and goals are extremely vital. However, interceptions, tackles, chances created, and shots on goal will also count.

Goalkeepers will have a total of eleven different categories, nine of which are specific to their playing positions. Every week, you’ll need to designate one of your eight players as the team captain and their points will obviously be doubled. Each week will require you to pick a brand-new team. Alternatively, you can remain with the same eight players, provided that they are still in the same tier level. A team can roll over each week, but it’s best that you check in weekly to create a new line up of the best players for optimal point scoring possibilities.

ESPN also decided to add something interesting into the mix to make it more enjoyable and challenging. You will need to play a head-to-head game against another team each week during the fantasy league. Similar to real football, you’ll receive three points for a win and one point for a draw. Lose or win, you will still be able to obtain a bonus point if you finish in the top half of league points each week.

The Tiers

ESPN wanted to make their fantasy football league more challenging as opposed to merely selecting the best players each week. Therefore, you will need to select players from several different tiers. For example, Christiano Ronaldo managed to score a total of fifteen goals during the Champions League last season which is four more than any other football player. Therefore, he will undoubtably be a Tier 1 player each week. However, if you select Ronaldo for the week, you can’t pick another elite player in the forward position.

Thereafter, you will also need to choose a Tier 2 forward which are less prominent football players. You could select Edin Dzeko or Edinson Cavani which will greatly test your skills and knowledge of the players and competition even more. You will also have three tiers for midfielders and another two tiers for defenders. Your choices during each will boil down to your third and second tier picks. Most weeks will see players select the same forward in Tier 1 which means your lower-tier players are vitally important.