Chelsea Banned for Two Transfer Windows Due to Youth Player Breaches

Chelsea was recently been banned for two transfer windows where they are unable to sign new players. This was due to the FIFA finding the club guilty of breaching several rules that relate to the singing of new players that are under the age of 18 years.

This means the Chelsea Football Club, who recently signed Borussia Dortmund’s Christian Pulisic in January 2019, will not be able to bring in new players until 2020. However, this does not affect the clubs ability to bring back loan players or release current players. Chelsea stated that they will attempt to appeal this decision from FIFA.

FIFA Breaches Against Chelsea

FIFA stated that Chelsea has breached article 19 in the case of minor football players and that the club has committed multiple other infringements that relate to the registration requirements when it comes to new players. FIFA also added that Chelsea has breached article 18 that connects with two agreements that were previously concluded with regards to minors which allowed them to influence other football clubs in transfer-related scenarios.

Chelsea has been fined $599,000 and has been given 90 days to rectify the situation where players are concerned. In January 2019, it emerged that the investigation by FIFA into the transfer dealings by Chelsea has widened to further examine the arrangements made with over 100 different foreign players that were all under the age of 18. However, Chelsea stated that most of the individual cases that were highlighted only involved players that were on short-term trails and were never signed by the club.

Chelsea’s Statement

On Chelsea’s official website, the club stated that they were acting in accordance with the required regulations and were quite disappointed with the decision made by FIFA.
“Chelsea has recently received a decision from the disciplinary committee of FIFA which concerned alleged breaches of the regulations by FIFA that surround international player transfers under the age of 18,” the club stated. “Chelsea refutes the decision by the disciplinary committee of FIFA and will appealing the decision.

“Chelsea would like the emphasis that it completely respects the vital work completed by FIFA with regards to protecting minors and will cooperate with FIFA during the investigation. The club has acted in complete accordance with the regulations set forth by FIFA and will be submitting our appeal shortly.”

The transfer regulations set out by FIFA prohibit football clubs from signing players under the age of 18 from other countries. However, it can occur if the player’s parents have managed to emigrate for reasons that are not connected to the game of football. Alternatively, both the club and the player are located within 50km of a national border.
The academy at Chelsea has been under investigation for transfer rule breaches since early 2016. This came to be after evidence surfaced that Bertrand Traore was playing against the Arsenal Football Club in a non-competitive game at the age of 16. However, the club stated that they had approval from both the Premier League and Football Association at the