Brexit Forcing Changes to Premier League

Restrictions have become normalcy throughout the United Kingdom, with parliament & governing associations defining what’s permitted in a Post-Brexit society. Announcements were issued to football clubs in the Premier League, with EFA Executives informing owners that restrictions have been implemented on viable players for acquisition. Inquiring footballers from European leagues like Bundesliga or La Liga won’t be accomplished with simplicity any longer. Minor details regarding legislative changes for the Premier League were detailed on December 6th.

Revelations confirmed that footballers located outside the United Kingdom had become the priority. Individuals located outside of Great Britain & Northern Ireland must be aged over eighteen. Those footballers must prove themselves unequivocally essential for that respective club & that another player in the United Kingdom cannot accomplish those sporting tasks.
These restrictions are being enforced starting December 31st, 2020. That marks the date when Great Britain & Northern Ireland abandon the European Union. Matches involving UK Clubs won’t easily be managed, meaning Manchester United or Liverpool are unlikely to compete in 2021s UEFA Champions League. That’s the response for Great Britain leaving the European Union.

Negotiations between the Premier League & English Football Association continue with UK’s parliament, with governing leaders hoping approval is granted to compete in the European Union. Prime Minister Boris Johnson doesn’t believe that the Premier League engaging with EU Clubs is required, with other parliament members disagreeing. It’s led to prolonged negotiations which aren’t expected to end for months.

Destructive Legislation

Parliament has effectively terminated any growth for the Premier League & eliminated substantial percentages of yearly revenue. It’s known that the United Kingdom Government is also determining if sportsbook sponsorship requires lifetime legislative bans. Losing sportsbook sponsorship would be destructive for the Premier League & it’s respective clubs. It shows the bullish behaviour of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is often compared to American President Donald Trump.