Wrexham FC Purchase Supported by Vancouver Whitecaps

The English Football League saw an unexpected investor with Ryan Reynolds. The Canadian celebrity famous for his roles in Deadpool, Amityville Horror, Safe House, and numerous other films confirmed in November 2020 that he’d become Co-Owner of Wrexham Football Club. Wrexham FC competed in the fifth division of the EFL & with Reynolds on board, divisional upgrades are hoped for Wrexham FC coaching personnel. Monetary investments made by Ryan Reynolds means better footballers & contention at the divisional champions. Winning EFL championships multiple times would permit Wrexham FC to enter the Premier League inevitably.

Ryan Reynolds isn’t the exclusive actor that investors into Wrexham FC, with fellow Hollywood Elite & friend, Rob McElhenney, investing into the organization. Both men were selected to manage the Wrexham FC after the previous owners offered club acquisition. Supporters voted who’d best support Wrexham moving forward, with Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney being selected.

Ryan Reynolds held discussions with Wrexham FC supporters after his confirmation as Co-Owner with Rob McElhenney. He informed fanatics that not only will they be prominent leaders for Wrexham FC but also ambassadors to introduce international audiences to the club. Those sentiments were evoked on November 8th, and since Reynolds has worked diligently to promote his investor with McElhenney.

History Above All Else

Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney selected Wrexham Football Club for its historical background. The team was first formed in 1864, meaning it’s the oldest Football Club in Wales & the 3rd oldest worldwide. Reynolds wants to guarantee that his prominence with Wrexham FC ensures its survival until 2064 or later.

Accomplishing that task won’t be easily achieved, but Ryan Reynolds has regularly taken tasks most wouldn’t think possible & managed completion within months to years. Even the Vancouver Whitecaps emphasis their belief in Ryan Reynolds being capable in bring Wrexham FC from the 5th division of EFL to the Premier League. It should be clarified that this Football Club hasn’t ever competed in the top division of the EFL since it was created in 1864.