2019 Likely to See Another Round of Mad Transfer Business

The world of football has absolutely spiralled out of control. It doesn’t even know what controls the prices of players anymore! You would have thought that perhaps the best-paid player, in a particular league, would be among its best performers, but that is not the case anymore.

Neither does the pro-business sell the best performing players for the highest rates anymore. Nowadays, the asking price seems to be just the first figure that comes to the parent club’s mind, when interested buyers come knocking.

But does that make the football market sit back and take a look at itself?

Not at all!

Chances are, that in the next transfer window, teams will go out on another wild spending spree, whose driving force not even themselves can tell. They won’t even wait for the summer; the madness resumes in January.

Big Name Players

Nowadays you cannot even tell who the big-name players are. It depends partially on the media’s portrayal, the player’s agent’s astuteness and partly on the interested club’s desire.

Talk is already rife of players such as Aaron Ramsey attracting significant interest from outside the clubs. Other widely talked about players like Paul Pogba are said to be uncomfortable at their current playing addresses.

With such talk dominating the headlines every day, you can expect a lot of movement as early as January 2018.

Regime Changes

There have also been regime changes, which will primarily affect player movement. Clubs like Arsenal, PSG, Everton and, speculatively, Manchester United, are experiencing changes in different aspects of their leadership. As new managers work to put together playing outfits that fit their style and demands, they will be heavily involved in player movement in the coming days.

The impatient nature of the modern game does not afford them the luxury of sitting back to watch the market. Expect the madness to be back as soon as the next mini-window opens!