Donald Trump Attends the Daytona 500

The 62nd Edition of the Daytona 500 Competition was launched by President Donald Trump, with the Commander in Chief giving the demands for drivers to start their engines. The infamous man who’s hated and loved spoke to the audience. He mentioned that the Daytona 500 competition embodied America and that everybody in the stands loves their country. He finished by saying it’s an honour to be there and for the Gentlemen to start their engines. While the Nascar’s waited with their engines purring, Donald Trump attended his limousine and led the pace lap. The president’s presence at the 62nd Daytona 500 follows with his re-election campaign, which he hopes to win and remain in office for an additional four years.

Donald Trump completed multiple interviews with news outlets at the Daytona 500 Speedway, where he expressed that fans of NASCAR are the embodiment of Patriotism. Considering that the demographic that watches this competition voted for Donald Trump in 2016, it makes perfect sense that he’d rally these people together for the upcoming election.

Donald Trump’s Support

Some sporting analysts say Donald Trump’s presence brought bad luck to the Daytona 500. Immediately after his limousine pulled away from the pace lap, rain began to strike the speedway and forced an indefinite delay for this competition. Instead of combatting the elements with his fellow citizens, the motorcade left for a local airport for the Airforce One Helicopter to return Trump to Washington. It should be noted that the France Family, who has operated NASCAR since the 1940s, met Donald Trump at the Daytona Beach International Airport. They expressed their gratitude and praise towards the president. Considering that former members in the family were liberal, this would’ve been unwarranted by Brain France’s father and mother.

Since the announcement that Donald Trump would be running a secondary election campaign, he’s attended four sporting events across the United States of America. This included the Major League Baseball World Series, an LSU Alabama matchup and Naval Base in Texas. You can see that Donald Trump is focusing on the southern states for his election campaign, with the eastern states voting for Bernie Sanders and other electoral candidates. It was reported that from the 100+ thousand individuals that attended this venue, more than 50+ thousand Donald Trump flags were sold. This is an overwhelming percentage of supporters at the Daytona 500 Speedway.