EFL Rejects Project Big Picture

Project Big Pictures, it’s become known for millions of UK Civilians since October 14th. PBP was introduced by Liverpool & Manchester United with the approval of EFLs Commissioner. Secretly designed to sustain a bailout package for all three divisions in the English Football League, Project Big Picture would’ve enabled ten teams in the Premier League greater control. The £250 million bailouts were officially rejected on October 18th, with all clubs in the English Football League unanimously denying Project Big Picture.

League One & League Two in the EFL would’ve been provided extensive finances to continue their operations after the coronavirus pandemic. However, for the bailout package to work, it would have required ten clubs in the Premier League to remove their contention from the top division. The political implications if approved, would’ve been massive, resulting in strikes from players & coaching personnel.

The English Football League knew that immediate response to Project Big Picture wasn’t flattering on October 14th. However, delegations with Premier League Executives continued into October 15th. The EFL requested 2nd Tier of the Champions League also be financially supported if Project Big Picture is approved. That request was denied.

The Fallout of Lies

Manchester United & Liverpool have worked towards publicly looking like saviours, Football Clubs wanting to overcome financial implications associated with the coronavirus & assist smaller teams that lack financial revenue from regular matchdays. Restrictions for COVID-19 have forced domestic sports in Great Britain to become eliminated.

Project Big Picture would’ve accounted for those monetary losses but given the Premier League overwhelming power over EFLs League One & League Two. It somewhat appears like an aggressive takeover for the Premier League to govern beyond the English Football League. Project Big Picture was so implacable that even Prime Minister Boris Johnson rejected the bailout plan.

It should be mentioned that the EFL Chairman has become publicly ridiculed for secretly strategizing this plan with Manchester United & Liverpool. The £250 Bailout Package from Rick Parry would’ve created implications onto the Premier League that couldn’t be resolved for decades. It’s expected he’ll retire after the fallout of Project Big Picture has concluded.