Jon Jones Retires from the UFC

Shocking headlines have riveted the UFC Community, with it being confirmed that Jon Jones is leaving the Ultimate Fighter’s Championship. This follows after the Light Heavyweight Champion was delegating towards his next octagon fight. Jones requested a minimum of $30 million in payment, which is an average of $20 million less than Conor McGregor. Dana White claimed that the figures required by Jones were ridiculous & unsustainable. Most couldn’t comprehend the UFC Presidents reasoning, with Jon Jones statistically rated the best fighter in this competition.

During a moment in American history where the lives of black communities are being taken seriously, the actions of Dana White haven’t been permitted by Jones. He’s the most notable African American Fighter in the UFC, holding the highest statistics ever seen amongst a combative fighter. Jones is technically the official “Greatest of All Time”. Payment associated with his appearances should be equal or higher than that of Conor McGregor, anything less could be considered borderline racism from Dana White.

This behaviour hasn’t been condoned by Jon Jones, showcasing the specific actions of Dana White through social media services like Twitter. The UFC Light Heavyweight Champion noted that all documented evidence of their financial delegations would be released. This didn’t end up happening when White admitted to his refusal to pay Jon Jones $30 million, instead offering him $10 million in response. It should be noted that this is the same payment that was issued to Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone to battle Conor McGregor, with Jon being considerably more popular than Donald.

New Champion

Jon Jones indicated who the UFC Organizers should select to compete for his Light Heavyweight Championship Belt. Jan Blachowics & Dominick Reyes should be chosen to compete for the 205lbs Weighted Belt Class. When reporters questioned if his indications were also confirmations that he’s genuinely giving away the Light Heavyweight Championship Belt, Jones responded blankly with “Yes”.

It should be mentioned that Jon Jones is 32 years of age, holding a professional record of twenty-six victories and one loss. This singular loss applied to falsely granted disqualification in 2009. He’ll forever be remembered as the UFCs greatest fighter until 2020.