LeBron James in Denial

The National Basketball Association is beginning to strategize plans that’ll financially stabilize outfits amidst a cancelled season. This follows after the novel coronavirus continues to brutalize North America with increasing infections & deaths daily. The associated risk to team personnel, coaches, and players is extensive. It’d also prompt most of these individuals to be self-isolated from their families for an entire season. Executives with the association have begun demanding that the 2020 Season be terminated, marking the 1st possible cancellation of NBA since 1946.

There’s one notable athlete in the National Basketball Association who’s refusing to believe this is possible. That individual is LeBron James, who’s shunned and dismissed the concept of playing without fans. He’s also begun denying that executives aren’t considering a cancellation. The remarks indicated by LeBron James goes against inside sources with NBA Corporate. Those individuals noted that billions being lost for the league amidst a cancellation, but the logistical costs and liability insurance associated with moving the season forward would be more extensive.

The Reality

Inside sources also indicated that the safety and wellbeing of all personnel are becoming a priority for executives, especially after the unexpected death of Kobe Bryant after a helicopter crash in January 2020. These NBA executives don’t want more notable stars from their league to die, including such individuals as LeBron James.

Statements remarked by LeBron James mentioned that anybody reporting a potential cancellation is spreading information that isn’t true. However, NBA Analysts have noted that LeBron has actively denied the predicaments surrounding the novel coronavirus. Just because the LA Lakers Star believes his team is ready and that nothing should be cancelled, doesn’t mean that LeBron James will get what he wants.

LeBron James is avoiding the realities associated with NBA Logistics. States like New York, Massachusetts, California, Nevada, and Illinois have extended their lockdown protocols. That means these respective states wouldn’t support national matches in the NBA. States reopening their economies aren’t enabling for mass gatherings, indicating their respective stadiums will remain shut down until late summer.

Travel restrictions are remaining active throughout numerous states, meaning that these athletes also wouldn’t be permitted to traverse America. Under all these unexpected conditions, it’d be nearly impossible for the NBA to hold the remaining eighteen regular-season games. LeBron James will ultimately have to face his denial.