Luis Suarez Given Four Months to Recover

Supporters for Barcelona FC were disappointed to learn that Luis Suarez will more than likely miss out on the remaining 2019-20 Season. This comes after the football club confirmed that one of their star athletes would spend four months recovering from a re-ignited injury. This came after Suarez was competing against Atletico Madrid for the Supercopa de Espana Semi-Finals. After being taken to the ground by his opponents, an injury with the right knee caused for Suarez to collapse. He was immediately removed from the field and taken to the local Blaugrana Hospital. Barcelona losing their star player, prompted them to lose the event.

The loss falls onto Antione Griezmann, who joined Barcelona FC for the 2019-20 Season. This Frenchman has spent a prolonged period honing his skills for the required standard with Barcelona FC. Ernesto Valverde, the Head Coach for Barcelona FC, had noted that Antione isn’t ready for serious competitions. However, the coach was forced to put him into commission after Luiz Suarez experienced the critical knee injury. Short of options, the team couldn’t co-ordinate together, and Barcelona FC lost the semi-finals.

The Official Statement

The coaching staff with Barcelona FC provided an official statement to local news outlets. They expressed that Luis Suarez was operation was successful and completed by Doctor Ramon Cugat. The doctor performed extensive surgery on the right knee, locating the external meniscus and giving it suture support. Subsequently, this means that the cartilage and nerve structure within his knee will heal properly. However, it’ll take four months for healing.

The team’s coaches noted that throughout this season, where twenty-three official games have been played, Luis Suarez scored fourteen goals. Eleven of these goals were held in the La Liga Competition, with the additional three arriving in the Champions League. Suarez also maintained the highest rate of assists throughout the 2019-20 season. All of these accomplishments have allowed for Suarez to acquire multiple rewards, with more slated to come.

Unfortunately, the coaching staff mentioned that a replacement would be required for Luis Suarez. Coaches confirmed that Erling Haaland and Lautaro Martinez is on the top of their list for temporary acquisition. Considering that the January Transfer Window just opened, this injury came at the perfect moment for Barcelona FC. Inquiring one of these footballers would maintain their presence in the champions league and put them into contention of the championship.