Man United Should Sign Harry Kane

It’s the usual Roy Keane: unrealistic, blunt, and only demanding the best, regardless of how you get it. As a Sky Sports presenter, he was speaking after the draw between Liverpool and Manchester United, suggesting that Tottenham’s Harry Kane would be the perfect solution to solve the goal-scoring problems that Man Utd are facing at the moment. He also stated that Man Utd should get him seeing as the Tottenham squad are in disarray.

Keane then seemed incomplete disbelieve when in colleagues in the studio – Jose Mourinho, Graeme Souness, and Gary Neville – stared at him in complete silence. However, Keane didn’t understand why his colleagues were staring, given the fact that Harry Kane scores 20 goals on average per season. Keane was serious. However, you could also see a hint of mischief in each of his comments. Perhaps the Irishman is aware that The Devils are no longer capable of signing the biggest names in the league, but he was saying what’s on his mind, regardless.

Manchester United’s Signing History

When Keane was in his glory days at Manchester United back in the day, the club was renowned for signing some of the best players in the country. Although the club missed out on Alan Shearer on two occasions in the 1990s, they did manage to break the British transfer record when they signed Wayne Rooney in 2004, Rio Ferdinand in 2002, and Andy Cole in 1995.

During the reign of Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United also managed to sign the incredible Robin van Persie in 2012 from Arsenal and were well-prepared to go into a lengthy battle with Daniel Levy as the chairman for the Spurs before they signed deals for Dimitar Berbatov and Michael Clark. All of this resulting in more silverware. If this were Manchester United from the 90s, Harry Kane would be an easy and obvious step for a squad that is in desperate need of a goal-scoring talisman to breathe new life into the team.

Manchester United’s Current Situation

Since the start of the 2019/20 Premier League season, Manchester United have only managed to score more than a single goal on one occasion. This occurred when they played against Chelsea during the opening weekend, allowing them to net a total of 4 goals. Meanwhile, Harry Kane has managed to score five goals in only nine games for Tottenham in the Premier League, followed by a further two goals in the Champions League.

Even with a squad that is struggling in the same way as United, Harry Kane still finds a way to deliver the goods consistently for Tottenham Hotspur. Kane is regarded as the most consistent goal scorer in league with 122 in a total of 5 Premier League seasons. Unfortunately, Manchester United are too afraid and too inconsistent to acquire someone like Harry Kane at the moment. But can you imagine if they had the power to sign someone like Harry!