Mike Tyson Rumours Circulating Online

Speculation regarding the future boxing career of Mike Tyson has returned after the former champion expressed his desire to return for the charity. That quickly turned into his return to professional boxing for cash, with the UFCs Dana White begging Iron Mike not to compete. He’s considerably older than when initially fighting in his twenties, and though Tyson might be the spiritual successor to Muhammed Ali, even the GOAT couldn’t compete at this age.

All negative criticism against Mike Tyson returning has been outweighed by those excited at the opportunity to see him fight again. Multiple fighters have considered the prospect of battle Tyson, with Iron Mikes most desired opponent being Evander Holyfield. This information was revealed after Evander publicly called out Tyson, prompting the former champion to begin contract negotiations. It’s currently unknown if their fight will be for cash or charity.

Mike Tyson revealed his desire to fight Evander Holyfield through the Young Money Radio Show on SiriusXM. Hosted by Wayne Carter, Tyson was asked on the possibility of fighter Holyfield for another rematch. Iron Mike didn’t confirm the bout but mentioned that discussions have started with numerous opponents. This has led some analysts to wonder if Mike Tyson will compete in multiple three-round fights. It was clarified that the names being contracted are legendary and will shock the public when announced. Contract negotiations are slated to end later this week, with rumours indicating that another opponent for Iron Mike will be Tyson Fury.

The former Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World revealed that he’s never felt more energetic. Differences between Mike Tyson’s physique between January and May 2020 is astonishing, with the former champion shredding off his age by getting fit. Tyson reiterated that funds acquired will be rewards to charities through the United States. However, Mike has entered bankruptcy since leaving professional boxing. Taking some of the funds earned for personal payment would be reasonable, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When Will He Fight?

Supporters of professional boxing won’t receive an official announcement regarding Mike Tyson’s return until June 2020. Both parties’ lawyers must finalize contract negotiations before being officially announced. These will be Pay-Per-View fights exclusively and won’t support attendees.