NBA Begins Discussions for Cancelled Season

The National Basketball Association has begun accepting that the 2019-20 Season is unplayable with the COVID-19 pandemic growing throughout North America. This follows after sources with the NBAs corporate division expressed that discussions have begun with the NBA Players Association. Initial details from these sources noted that postseason matched would be played inside quarantined environments. Those details were quickly altered within 24 Hours. The informal source in Brain Windhorst from ESPN Sports, who noted that the Player’s Association had forced negotiations onto the corporate division. Temporary contracts will be created to ensure the protection of players and their respective funds.

Brain Windhorst thoroughly examined details provided to him through the NBA Players Association. It noted that multiple options are being considered, with a second clause that allows for regular 2019-20 matches to be resumed. This clause is conditional on the COVID-19 pandemic being eradicated throughout America. Discussions with these two divisions include how the 2020-21 Season will be started under a continued epidemic. Players could potentially find contracts terminated throughout the next season if COVID-19 is still active throughout North America. This is because medical experts have begun fearing a second wave of COVID-19 will follow.

The Chinese Basketball Association didn’t implement similar measures during their pandemic period. It prompted for numerous athletes with the CBA to contract COVID-19 by sharing close quarters in locker rooms. Initial postponements of their season were delayed a 2nd time for an indefinite period. Experts with the National Basketball Association of America avoided similar fallouts by postponing their season indefinitely. NBA Executives and Players continue to remain optimistic that professional basketball will return by Summer 2020.

Further Delays

Some within the NBA Community believe cancelled venues won’t be reopened until June 1st. This individual includes Jared Dudley, a Forward with the Los Angeles Lakers. He noted that the financial impact felt throughout the NBA Community will be extensive, with players confirmed to be losing anywhere between 25% and 50% of their annual finances. All negotiations between NBA Corporate and the Player’s Association must be finalized before April 15th.