Quinton Fortune Working Towards Manager Status

Veterans that sustained notable careers with the Manchester United have prolonged careers as coaches, with others becoming managers of international teams. This has become the goal for Quinton Fortune, who confirmed his dreams of becoming the Manchester United Manager.

Previously an International Footballer with South Africa, Quinton Fortune would move to Manchester United in 1999. His presence with the league was felt until 2006, where he acquired five goals in that timeframe. Quinton played seventy-six officials matches as a Utility Player, which is considerably high when positioned as a backup for downed first liners. That never deterred Quinton Fortune from competing when permitted & won’t stop him while trying to accomplish the team’s manager.

Before playing for Manchester United, Quinton Fortune had a notable career with Atletico Madrid. They initially acquired the South African International after Quinton trained with Tottenham’s Youth Football Program. After leaving Manchester United, Fortune would be transferred multiple times from 2007 to 2010. It saw the Utility Player join outfits like the Bolton Wanderers, Sheffield United, Tubize, Brescia, and the Doncaster Rovers. Quinton Fortune would retire from professional football after being transferred five times in three professional seasons.

Historic standings of Quinton’s professional career won’t deter him from obtaining a manager position with Manchester United. He’s aware that it’ll require considerable coaching skillsets, which must be obtained in a professional environment with rivalling teams. Considering that Quinton Fortune is the Assistant Coach for Cardiff City, he can acquire a Head Coaching position with another football club. It’d lead the way towards Quinton becoming the Red Devils Manager.

Questions on African Heritage

Reporters questioned Quinton Fortune on if he’d take the manager position because of the Black Lives Matter Movement. His response regarded that capabilities in coaching & managing players should be the reasoning for him inquiring manager with Manchester United. Quinton clarified that his skin tone shouldn’t factor into the club’s decision. He’d also mention that the Premier League has supporter African Descendant Players since the 1990s & doesn’t find them systematically racist. Quinton’s one of the 1st African Footballers to stand with the inclusive behaviour of the Premier League.