Scuderia Ferrari Continues to Fail Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel is experiencing what’s possibly his final season in Formula One, with Scuderia Ferrari failing the four-time champion with every Grand Prix that unfolds during the 2020 F1 season. Frustration has begun to grow with Sebastian Vettel, which became evident during the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix at Silverstone. Radio messages between Vettel & Scuderia Ferrari heard the German driver tell the team their strategy didn’t make any sense. Vettel hasn’t ever approached Scuderia Ferrari in this manner, neither his former team of Red Bull Racing.

Vettel proved himself of championship status during Silverstone after spinning on the 1st corner of the first lap. It’d force Vettel down into 20th Position, where the four-time champion took his slow-paced SF1000 back into P12. Vettel wouldn’t do this once, but three times throughout the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix. That positioning could’ve been considerably better if Scuderia Ferrari had given Vettel a proper strategy.

The decisions of Mattia Binotto saw Sebastian continuously having to outpace traffic, with his frustration growing after a Three Pit Stop Strategy. He’d message Scuderia Ferrari & informed them that they’d messed up. It should be mentioned that Mattia Binotto is showing preferential treatment to Charles Leclerc, providing the Monaco-native with a better version of the SF1000 & enhanced strategies. It’s resulted in Sebastian Vettel to maintain 13th in the Driver’s Championship, with Charles Leclerc positioned in 4th. The favouritism towards Leclerc is evident & the damage is occurring throughout Scuderia Ferrari grows with each Grand Prix.

Revelations from Vettel

Sebastian Vettel didn’t hesitate to inform SkySports Formula One about the strategy problems at the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix. Vettel revealed that Scuderia Ferrari & himself spoke earlier that morning, clarifying that there wasn’t any point to pitting twice. Both parties knew traffic would occur if pitting twice.

Vettel noted that the first of three Pit Stops was because of his mistake on the first corner during lap one. However, the remainder of the race made zero sense to Vettel or Ferrari Supporters. Sebastian Vettel clarified that Scuderia Ferrari forced him to compete on the Medium Compound for 20 Laps while racing on the Hard Compound for 10 Laps. This was the quintessential opposite to all other strategies seen at Silverstone on August 9th.