Sebastian Vettel Possibly Joining Mercedes

Rumours regarding the future of Sebastian Vettel, a 4x world champion with Formula One, have continued to circulate online. This follows after initial talks regarding his contract with Ferrari F1 was confirmed. Sebastian received a considerably lower offer than his prior agreement, with Vettel’s teammate now considered the #1 Team Driver. When Sebastian Vettel was proposed this offer by Mattia Binotto, the former champion declined the offer. Rumours now indicate that Vettel could be switched over towards Mercedes AMG-Petronas in 2021, which would mean two rival champions battling on the same team for domination. Lewis Hamilton is slated to return with Mercedes after winning five championships back-to-back for the AMG-Petronas outfit.

Depending on how the 2020 Formula One Season plays out amidst the novel coronavirus, 2019 could’ve been the last time supporters of Vettel saw him dawn the classic Ferrari red suit. However, there’d be many fans that approved of the transfer. Vettel would be given a winning car again and provided the opportunity to win championships. It’d also prove once and all who’s better, Vettel or Hamilton. Both are in the same age group and have a maximum of three seasons remaining before retirement. Just like Michael Schumacher with Mercedes AMG-Petronas in the early 2000s, this could be Vettel’s last opportunity to dominate over the grid.

If Sebastian Vettel moves towards Mercedes AMG-Petronas, there isn’t a scenario where he becomes the #1 Driver. Lewis Hamilton has confirmed he’ll remain with Mercedes until eight championships are acquired, upon which he’ll retire. That means Lewis Hamilton is looking to overtake all records held by Michael Schumacher, with the number of champions being the last to overcome.

FIA Ridiculousness

Motorsport analysts believe this rumour is falsified and doesn’t hold any validity. The chances that Lewis Hamilton would accept his most infamous rival as a teammate is considered unlikely. Both have spent upwards of a decade competing and have had many moments of aggressive behaviour, with the most recent being in 2019. Vettel moved the 1st Place Grid Position Sign from Lewis Hamilton’s car, switching it out with his 2nd Grid Sign on live television. This followed after the FIA purposely awarded Lewis Hamilton a significant advantage of the remaining grid, penalizing car after car when they weren’t disobeying regulations. The FIA would ultimately punish Sebastian Vettel for moving these signs.